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Be intentional!

Today I have been reflecting on 'intention'. There are times that we are engaged in the daily routine of life and it seems that we have lost the motivation to live on 'purpose'. Do you find there are times that your life has become so familiar that somehow you no longer feel the need to be intentional? You roll out of bed each morning and before you know it one day has rolled into the next, days becoming weeks and weeks becoming months. Ok I get it, of course there are events we plan and commitments we fulfil but are we being intentional?

One of the phrases we use as Speech Therapists is, "communicating with intent." Babies within the first year of life often acquire this skill. Do you remember your child's first intentional smile? There's a difference between the smile that appears after that tidal wave of wind and the one which is just because your child has caught you grinning from ear to ear. All of a sudden their brain starts to spark and they have a go at trying this funny mouth shape, only to realise it gets a pretty incredible reaction. It actually felt so good that the baby might keep that trick up his sleeve to get out of the next tricky situation!

The journey of 'cause and effect' has begun for a child. This is unchartered territory where along the road they discover the impact they have on others when they cry, look, wave and all other sorts of exciting skills. This is fundamental to a child learning to communicate with intent. They learn that they are in the world to be able to affect the world and so the conditions are just right for words and communication to flow. For some children this journey to using words is not a straight path. I have witnessed in my clinical work that communicating with intent does not always come naturally. This is a topic for another post but for now I want to just introduce this concept.

We can learn so much from watching a child learn and grow and seeing them take these steps really challenges me. Have I stopped being intentional in life? There is beauty in pursuing life with purpose and on a bigger scale realising how our actions influence the world around us. My husband and I have had some business coaching this year and one of the key skills we have been learning is about being intentional in pursuing our goals. This is a real challenge to us as I think by nature we love to procrastinate. I have been challenged to be more intentional in life and I am looking forward to seeing what unfolds!

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