"Judith and I worked together as a team with my class of twelve pupils. Judith was able to tailor her expert skills in speech and language therapy to tie in with the work the pupils were doing in class. 

Judith worked 1-1  and in small groups to deliver bespoke support packages in developing receptive and expressive language skills. Judith used a variety of colourful and exciting resources to engage the pupils in meaningful discussion.

 Judith made visual  resources tailored to individual pupils for use in class in order to ensure that speech and language skills were being developed on a continual basis.

Judith assessed the pupils on a regular basis and updated class teachers on progress and areas for development. Judith also provided valuable information for annual EHCPs to support targets for social and communication skills.

Judith worked well as part of a team and was a vital and valuable member of the school by providing speech and language guidance and expertise to all members of staff."

"Jude worked with Rivermead Community Special School initially as a Speech and Language Therapist.  Her expertise and delivery was outstanding.  With the growth of Therapy within our setting Jude built a team of Therapy Assistants and was promoted to Head of Therapy.  Jude showed herself to be a very capable leader.  The team under Jude's guidance went from strength to strength.  Jude's practice and her high expectations of those she worked with, both learners and staff was exceptional, this led to very good outcomes for all the children.  Jude is a very warm, compassionate, approachable professional.  Jude is intuitive and is able to bring changes where the need arises.  I would whole heartedly recommend Jude as the ultimate professional that she is."

Specialist Teacher in a Secondary Special School
Head Teacher 

Judith came into my little boys life like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. Having Autism he could not look at me or ask me for anything I was beside myself with frustration not knowing how to help him. Judith put a programme in place that met his needs and totally exceeded our expectations. 3 months on our son is a different child, he looks me in the eye, clearly communicates, labels items in books, sings songs, asks me to chase him and play games with him. I owe Judith everything she has given my son a voice and for that I will be forever thankful!